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High Street Improvements Scheme

High Street Improvements and Pedestrian Safety Scheme


18th century street taking 21st century traffic...


The works were substantially completed and the High Street opened to through traffic on 3 September 2015.



Why this project was undertaken

After many years in preparation the safety improvements scheme is due to take place in August.


The purpose of this scheme
  • Improves safety for pedestrians
  • Reduces traffic speeds
  • Smoother traffic flows
  • Encourages parking in the right places
  • Discourages parking in places which obstruct


The main parts of the project
  • Widening the pavements in some areas
  • New priority give-way by the Post Office
  • New priority give-way by 'Nationwide'
  • New delivery loading bay
  • New short-term parking


Click here for the layout plan of the works.



Background information

The traffic in Hurstpierpoint High Street has been a problem for many years. As traffic increases so difficulties with parking, congestion and pedestrian safety have grown.


In 2011 the Parish Council asked specialist consultants Stilwell Partnership to investigate the High Street and come up with some options for solving the problems. It has become obvious that a road that was suitable for a horse and cart is never going to be right for modern traffic. However, there are some changes which could make it safer and more pleasant.


Following the public exhibition and feedback in November 2012, we worked with our specialist consultants and West Sussex County Council to design a scheme. There is no magic wand solution and congestion will continue to be a problem, but we hope to make the Street safer for pedestrians and a slightly easier road to negotiate. One of the solutions was to 'build-out' some of the kerbline to prevent people from parking in unhelpful places.


The design drawings can be seen by clicking below



The High Street Public Exhibition 2012

Thank you to all those who were able to attend our public exhibition from 22 to 24 November 2012. We received over 150 responses and a large number of helpful comments. The schedule of the responses is available below.


Details of the public exhibition


High Street Improvements Feasibility Study Brief December 2011


Transportation Plan 2008 v4


The Parish Council commissioned the consultants Stilwell Partnership to carry out a full detail design of the Improvements Scheme. The Scheme was subject to the technical approval of the Highway Authority (West Sussex County Council) before its implementation. The funding for the £150,000 cost was a combination of contributions from the Parish Council, the County Council, and 's106' funds which came from the new developments in the village.


The scheme was completed in September 2015.


Please check with notes of the latest meetings of our Traffic and Parking Working Group to see the details.



Updated 13 June 2018

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