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Parish Council Small Grants 2017
23rd May 2017


The Parish Council operates a grant aid system providing small sums (up to £500) to local non-profit groups that meet the needs of the Parish's residents. Grant applications are considered at the Community Affairs Committee meetings of the Council, 6 times per year.


Please contact the Parish Council office, or look on the website under the Parish Council tab, for more information.


South Avenue Cemetery - Topple Test
14th March 2017


The Parish Council has carried out its Topple Test on all Memorials in the Cemetery. Several Memorials have been identified as potentially unsafe and have been marked with hazard tape. If your family has a Memorial in the Cemetery, please check to see if yours has been marked and please take the appropriate action.


South Avenue Cemetery - Trees being removed
14th March 2017


During the week commencing 20 March 2017, tree surgeons will be removing the 8 large conical shaped trees located in the Garden of Rest, South Avenue Cemetery. Access to the Garden of Rest during this time will be limited. If this causes any problems, please contact the Parish Council Office on 01273 833 264 or email:


Hurstpierpoint Village Centre Room Bookings
13th March 2017


Hurstpierpoint Village Centre Association have changed the way they manage room bookings at the Hurstpierpoint Village Centre. You are able to manage booking requests using the online system on the Hurstpierpoint Village Centre website: . On this website, using the links in the top right-hand corner, you will be able to see information about the rooms available, the diary/calendar of availability and contact details for more information.


If you are a new user to the system, please go on the link for 'booking enquiry' and submit your information. If you are a previous user, please go onto the Diary page and click on Customer Login.



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Co-operative Food opening at Hurst Community Charity Shop
20th December 2016


The Co-operative Food shop launched its opening at the Hurst Community Charity Shop on Tuesday 20 December 2016. The opening hours are 8 am to 8 pm and there is a very good range of products.


Please note: This is a temporary move for the Co-op until their High Street store has been repaired from the recent fire. The Charity Shop is located at the Village Green off the Hurstpierpoint High Street (west side); the closest car park is Trinity Road Car Park.


Change to Trinity Road Carpark rules
5th December 2016


The short-term section of Trinity Road carpark has increased its parking time allowed from 2 hours to 3 hours; the hours of operation have also increased and are now: Monday - Saturday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm , excluding bank holidays. That means that showing your parking disc in the car, you can now park there for up to 3 hours, between 8 am - 6 pm. Discs are on sale for £1.00 at a number of locations in the village.


New Streetlights in the Parish
5th December 2016


The Parish Council has now started to replace the 140 or so old streetlights around Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common, with new LED versions. 'Heritage' style columns will be used in selected 'conservation' areas and slimline style in others.


Hurstpierpoint Community Food Bank
23rd November 2016


Hurstpierpoint Food Bank collects non-perishable food, kindly donated by local people, and distributes it to people who are in financial crises and are hungry. Clients in need are normally given a Voucher for sufficient food for 3 days. A client can normally only receive 4 vouchers per year - help is to give someone breathing space in a crisis.


Vouchers are provided at a number of places including the Parish Council office, St Lawrence C of E Primary School, Hurstpierpoint Pre-School, Sussex Downs Children and Family Centre, and others. To receive your Food Bags, you can take the voucher to The Melting Pot Cafe at the Social Club, Willow Way, Hurstpierpoint, on Wednesdays from 9 am - 11.30 am.




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Co-operative Food pop-up shop on Village Green
20th September 2016


The Co-operative Food shop has placed a pop-up shop on the Village Green as a temporary solution to help residents during the next few months. It is not known when the Co-operative shop on the High Street will be ready for business but it might take a few months for the shop to be repaired and working again. The Parish Council are very pleased to have been involved and to have made this site available.


Official Opening of the South Avenue Play Area
23rd August 2016


The Official Opening of the improved South Avenue Play Area in Hurstpierpoint was on Tuesday 16 August 2016 at 10:00 am. Please come and have a look.

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