Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council

Planning Committee 14 June 2018 application details

Planning Committee 14 June 2018 application details


Agenda item:


6.1 Naldretts Farm Pookbourne Lane Sayers Common Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9HD (DM/18/1860): Change of use of grazing land to a polo pitch with associated works including the formation of a new lagoon, landscaping, and vehicular access via Northend Lane.

Naldretts Farm location plan

Naldretts cross sections

Naldretts ex site plan

Naldretts landscaping plan


6.2 Maltings Farm Malthouse Lane Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9JZ (DM/18/2037): Demolition of outbuildings. Erection of 5 dwellings.

Maltings location plan

Maltings existing site layout

Maltings site layout

Maltings plans and elevations


6.3 48 Kemps Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9UE (DM/18/2133): Erection of Two Storey 4 bedroom dwelling.

48 Kemps location plan

48 Kemps existing plans and elevations

48 Kemps plans and elevations


6.4 Hurstpierpoint College College Lane Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9JS (DM/18/2192): Formation of new external single storey building to house a boiler room and external W/C facilities.

Hurst College location plan

hurst College plans and elevations


Moved from Item 5 to Item 6:


5.3 Flinthurst, Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9ET (DM/18/2058)

Site Plan


5.5 Ailsa Craig, Abberton Field, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9QD (DM/18/2118)

Sketch Plan


5.6 Hurstlands, Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9LR (DM/18/3619)

Proposed Floor Plans

Proposed Site Plan

Planning Statement


5.11 Blossom Cottage, 2 Blossoms Well, Langton Lane, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9EY (DM/18/2207)

Block Plan

Site Plan

Planning Statement


5.8 and 5.9 Little Park, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9UY (DM/17/4957) and (DM/17/4958)

Elevations - Existing

Floor plans - Existing

Block Plan - Proposed

Elevations - Proposed

Ground Floor Plans - Proposed

First Floor Plans - Proposed

Second Floor Plans - Proposed