Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish Council

Planning Committee 1 November 2018

6.1. Barn Southwest Of Pakyns House Bullfinch Lane Hurstpierpoint West Sussex. DM/18/3875.

Application for determination as to whether prior approval is required for the change of use from agricultural barn

to a single unit 2-bed dwelling house (Use Class C3) and associated building operations under Class Q(b)

(amended description 9/10/18)


Existing Floor & Elevation Plans

Proposed Ground Floor

Site Location Plan

Site Plan proposed 2.1

Site Plan proposed 2.2


6.2 Hurstpierpoint College College Lane Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9JS. DM/18/4015. Demolition of existing theatre building and single storey extensions and construction of new swimming pool building and landscape works.


Block Plan

Existing Site Plan

New Pool Ground Plan

href="/files/122/6.2%20Hurst%20College%20New%20Pool%20Lower%20Ground%20Plan.pdf">New Pool Lower Ground Plan

Proposed First Floor

Proposed Ground Floor



6.3 2 North Lodge Cottages Manor Road Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9UH. DM/18/4148. Demolition of existing conservatory and single-storey lean-to to the rear elevation. Construction of a single-storey extension to the rear elevation. Insertion of a roof window to the existing first floor bathroom, and internal alterations to the ground floor.


Existing Floor Plan

Location & Block Plan

Proposed Elevation

Proposed Floor Plan

Existing Elevation


6.4 Clifford Dann 126 High Street Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9PX. DM/18/4180. Replacement windows and doors to shopfront, to include repositioning of entrance door. Installation of timber gates to existing rear parking area.


Location & Block Plan

Proposed Elevation

Proposed Ground Floor

Proposed Site Plan


6.5 Gothic House 23 Hassocks Road Hurstpierpoint West Sussex BN6 9QP. DM/18/4189. Internal and External alterations to include Northern and Western extensions.


Proposed Plans & Elevation

Existing Plans & Elevation



6.7 Hampton Lodge 2 Hassocks Road Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9QN. DM/18/3999 and DM/18/3997 Internal refurbishment and minor reconfiguration to the main house. Replumbing and part rewiring.


Existing & Proposed Front

Existing & Proposed rear Elevation

Existing First Floor plan

Existing Ground Floor Plan

Location Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed Ground Floor Plan


6.8 Vine House 5 Hassocks Road Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9QH. DM/18/4037. Proposed internal alterations, new replacement bay windows and new French doors.


Block Plan

Existing Elevations

Existing Floor Plan

Proposed Elevations

Proposed Floor Plan


6.9 Home Cottage 4 High Street Hurstpierpoint Hassocks West Sussex BN6 9TY. DM/18/4045. Rear single storey extension. This is an application to establish whether the development is lawful. This will be a legal decision where the planning merits of the proposed use cannot be taken into account


Location, Block, Existing and Proposed Plan