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Sayers Common - Housing Sites Appraisal



Following the public consultation the Council considered the long-list of 9 sites and assessed them against the methodology criteria.


A public consultation ran from 21 July to 28 September 2015 on a long-list of 9 possible development sites. 40 responses were received and were reviewed. The Council's Working Group has considered the current position regarding the Kingsland Laines application for 120 houses and the appeal decision.


The following PARISH 2031 Neighbourhood Plan policies are relevant:

Housing Hurst H3: Sayers Common Housing Sites:

Subject to existing water drainage issues being resolved, to remove the incidence of localised flooding, new housing will be permitted at Sayers Common. It is anticipated that the village will accommodate around 30-40 dwellings during the Plan period. A review and appraisal of deliverable housing sites will be undertaken at an early stage in the Plan period.

Countryside HurstC3 Local Gaps and Preventing Coalescence:

Development will be permitted in the countryside provided that it does not individually or cumulatively result in coalescence and loss of separate identity of neighbouring settlements, and provided that it does not conflict with other Countryside policies in this Plan. Local Gaps between the following settlements define those areas covered by this policy:


  • Hurstpierpoint and Hassocks;
  • Sayers Common and Albourne;
  • Hurstpierpoint and Albourne;
  • Hurstpierpoint and Burgess Hill.



Advice from the Local Planning Authority (MSDC) and DCLG, that any specific sites allocation would require a re-run of the Neighbourhood Plan process including a new referendum. The Council considered the matter at its meeting 25 February 2016 and agreed that a Neighbourhood Plan review was not feasible or desirable a this time. It was agreed that the existing policies of the made Neighbourhood Plan (February 2015), together with the published Sites Appraisal longlist (October 2015) would be used to judge any future planning applications in Sayers Common.


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updated 2 March 2016

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